I'm part marketer, and part software architect with a penchant for building great teams. Above all I'm thoroughly infected with the entrepreneurial virus.

I'm currently an independent marketer focusing on generating high volume, high value lead generation via SEO. Previously I was heading up the engineering team, content marketing team, and sales for a global boutique search marketing agency Ayima. I'm also founder of an invite only, beta startup HasReach.com, co-founder of VendorLytics, a hospital procurement management startup , and serving on the advisory board of a health and wellness startup Vital Plan.

Lastly, I'm quite the baby whisperer (thanks Dr. Karp).


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"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs


Lead Gen Guy

NotSleepy LLC

Built my ultimate dream data cave and back at it mining the web for gems.

August 2016 - Current

US Director


Sales- Responsible for generating seven figures of revenue within the first year of launching the US office.

VP of Engineering - Built and manage a remote team of talented developers in Poland. Built and maintain large proprietary SEO analysis and prospecting/outreach applications and systems used daily by over 100 staff.

Link Building Team - Built and manage a team of over 20 content marketers and copywriters in our Raleigh, NC office.

January 2009 - August 2016



HasReach is a PR and content marketers dream. The product is currently in beta and invite only but will be opening up Spring 2015.

October 2013 - Current

Co-Founder & CTO


Architected a software product to bring new efficiency to IDNs, hospitals, and private clinics. Beta has launched.

April 2014 - Current



Discovered a niche B2B market with high barrier to entry, low competition and low unique product inventory required. Purchased a premium domain, contracted a site design that converts at an unusually high rate, built the platform on Magento, and ran a 7 month content marketing campaign netting 250 root linking domains. Seeking an equity partner with PPC skills.

April 2012 - Current

Board Member

Vital Plan

Providing online marketing, and technical advice to this fantastic startup producing quality, effective natural solutions to common medical problems. I use the products daily and can personally attest to their efficacy.

January 2014 - Current

Independent Entrepreneur of Anything Fun

NotSleepy, LLC

I developed my first appetite for generating income from search engines right around the time Google was starting to make a name for itself in the valley. I remember seeing the billboards on the 101 south as I drove from San Francisco to my software development startup gig in Redwood City. Working from my Hayes Valley flat I began to make some significant income as an affiliate by optimizing for Alta Vista and Yahoo. In a matter of months that income became greater than my day job so I quit, moved to Raleigh, and setup an office. Since then I've built scores of web businesses. As is the case with all entrepreneur ventures most flop, but a few have been stellar. Some of the fun ones:

  • NiceMuscle.com - Established a relationship with the biggest distributor of bodybuilding supplements to buy product direct and have them drop ship to customers. At the time there was no affiliate program and the only competitor was BodyBuilding.com. I learned my first lesson on the value of barrier to entry. I had to custom code my ecommerce platform to generate a PDF purchase order and automatically fax it, yes FAX it to the drop shipper. Seemed like such a pain and I was tempted to help them develop an API and more efficient system until I realized its best to leave it alone. Their 80's style of business was just what I needed. This passive income stream generated high 6 figures with virtually no overhead or man hours for years.
  • OhSoHandy.com - Built a custom platform for classifieds, and local business reviews pre-Yelp. Never monetized it despite investing a lot of money and effort. Turned down a nice offer to purchase and subsequently lost more money in the form of legal action against the site for free movie listings. Lessons learned: don't let emotions decide whether to sell, and think before you scrape data. :)
  • Curbism - Partnered with Adam Samuel and Chintan Mahida of Nubricks of the offshore property space and spend 18 months building an exciting new platform for buyers and sellers of property around the world particularly catering to the UK shoppers seeking vacation homes, and retirement escapes. We built a great product but the big recession hit and the property market died so we shelved it.
  • EveryBoat.com - Built a custom platform for self publishing classified but only launched it on this one boat site and a niche overseas property site with Nubricks. Still generates a modest passive stream of revenue.

October 1999 - Current

VP of Engineering

Playback Media

Managed a software development team and prioritized tasks of application maintenance, feature requests, and partner integration for our e-learning platform startup.

April 2002 - July 2002

Senior Software Engineer

Playback Media

Coding features and bug fixes in Java.

January 2000 - April 2002

Software Engineer


ASP developer for what was the biggest web consulting firm in the world.... till they collapsed in the dot com bust.

February 1999 - January 2000

Software Engineer


Coding custom features per client in this full service ERP solution.

April 1998 - January 1999


Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

North Carolina State University

Certified EIT by NC Board of Examiners for Engineers- Summer of 1997

Graduation: May 1997


Tony Spencer

4011 Westchase Blvd., Suite 250
Raleigh, NC 27607
P: (919) 780-4396