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Opera Browser for Windows Mobile Review

I’ve been playing with the beta version of the new Opera browser for Windows Mobile on my smartphone. While some features are nice, I was disappointed to find that it didn’t allieve some of the headaches that Internet Explorer is plagued with on Windows Mobile.

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The Opera browser is fast. In fact it makes IE look ridiculous. Of course you are limited by the slow speed of data transfer but the page renders way faster. Also, once it is rendered you can scroll from top to bottom of a long page about 10 times faster than with IE. I also like the way Opera highlights links as you scroll. Its much more obvious than IE and I feel that I have greater control in selecting links to follow.

Unfortunately Opera did not add a “remember my password” feature for previously visited sites. In fact, they don’t even offer the option to remember the password on sites that are simply protected by .htpasswd which IE does. Also, I found that Bookmarks simply didn’t work. I saved several bookmarks but the next time I opened Opera they were gone. The back button didn’t seem to work consistently and there is no way to edit the URL of the page you are currently on. For instance, if you are currently on http://www.yahoo.com and want to go to http://movies.yahoo.com it would be nice to be able to simply click ‘Go’ -> ‘URL’ and have your current URL prefilled for quick editing as IE does.

Unfortunately my advice is, don’t waste your time installing Opera.

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