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SEO for Ruby on Rails

January 26th, 2007 tony 10 comments

3000 is the new 8080Now that the NotSleepy camp is actively switching to mostly Rails development for our web apps I’ve been exploring how to accomplish the typical onpage stuff commonly needed with PHP and JSP to get Googlebot and Slurp to snuggle up all cozy with your site. The following tips are just a way to use Rails to accomplish common tasks you should be comfortable with in your current choice of web app/language.

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Scary Coincidence with SPAM

January 24th, 2007 tony 1 comment

I was just working on this new blog entry about SEO and RoR and I got another one of these annoying image based SPAM emails. Just before I hit shift-command-j I noticed that the subject of the email was EXACTLY what I was just writing about in a wordpress draft:

“If you’re looking for search engine friendly software, look no further!”

I really don’t think email spam is so smart that there is a Mac trojan on my machine that monitered my keystrokes for my wordpress draft but it did make me go, HUH?

This is what these annoying SPAM images looks like. Is anyone else getting pounded with these? and Thunderbird’s junk filter is horrible at catching these. Guess I need to configure the server side stuff:

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Meet Beckham – The newest NotSleepy employee

January 4th, 2007 tony 3 comments

We brought a new team member on just before the end of 2006. Beckham is quite young and certainly green in the industry but his energy is unparalleled and hes already fitting in not to mention that he has taken on the role of security even though that wasn’t in the job description.

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