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Right-click on a Mac

May 27th, 2007 tony 3 comments

If you don’t have a 2 button mouse connected to your Mac laptop there are only 2 other ways to perform a right click:

1. Hold down the Control key while you click
2. Click and hold down your click for a second or two

BUT today I discovered a much nicer version for when I’m on the road and not hooked up to a real mouse. You can tap the trackpad with two fingers for right-click. To enable it on your Mac go to System Preferences, click “Keyboard & Mouse”, and select “Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click”. Voila!
Right Click on a Mac

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Las Brisas es relajaciĆ³n para SEO’s

May 17th, 2007 tony 3 comments

las brisas acapulcolo siento for rubbing it in

chilling at las brisas
negra modela in hand
what?…. is that an omni directional antennae i see on the next roof? one call to the front desk and i’m on tubos de mexicana to the internets while surveying paradise.

how come i’m allowed to get on the internets during vacaciones? the answer is asleep in the background. :)

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Refactor Christmas, Be Agile, and Be Happy

March 28th, 2007 tony No comments

Here is a great story of Ruby on Rails being used for a great non-profit fundraiser idea that I can’t wait to buy into. This Christmas I was truly unhappy with the amount of gifts that flooded our family’s lives. Its just become too much and I feel like Heather and I need to take the lead by giving something truly meaningful like a half a day of a cancer researcher’s time, buy a week of landmine detection for a mere $55, or displace cocaine farms in Columbia by subsidizing coffee bean farms.

Well Bruce is fortunate enough to have an opportunity to build this with Rails. And the results have been phenomenal:

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Best Company Name of the Year, has_many: developers

March 2nd, 2007 tony 2 comments

I just ran into these guys while stumbling upon sites and this has to be the best name of the year for a Ruby on Rails consulting firm.

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Setup a Subversion Server in 4 Minutes

March 2nd, 2007 tony 30 comments

You are going to need to type fast but I think you can do it in 4 minutes. :) These are my notes on what worked for me on my Fedora core 6 with svn lib already installed by the package manager:

1. Create a Repository

svnadmin create /svnrepos

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