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Welcome Reese

June 21st, 2003 Tony No comments

Yesterday I went to see the one day old new addition to the family.

He has long toes that he likes to spread wide when his feet are exposed.

Photos from the visit

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java URLConnection and timeout

June 12th, 2003 Tony 1 comment

Throw this into your bag of goodies:

If you find yourself needing to make connections to other web servers from Java you’ll quickly run into problems. I found this nice package that provides a lot of functionality that is lacking in java URLConnection. The nicest things are the ability to read all response codes and set a timeout for the connection.

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bank city

April 16th, 2003 Tony No comments

I visited Charlotte a couple of years ago (only my second time) for a wedding. I was amazed at the downtown improvement. So I tipped my hat to the city by creating a Charlotte, North Carolina version of the city.

Maclaga, this one is for you homey. :)

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new york, new york

April 10th, 2003 Tony No comments

its kind of late to be posting this but here it is: pics from our NYC visit

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another southern city – houston texas

March 19th, 2003 Tony No comments

last night i launched my houston, tx version of raleighlist. it went pretty smooth and i’m confident i can launch additional cities fairly quickly. i also incorporated a forum in this site for testing. if all goes well i’ll add the forum to raleighlist as well.

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