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goodbye directtv. hello bellsouth dsl.

January 17th, 2003 Tony 3 comments

well directtv dsl service went out of business leaving me in a search for a new broadband connection. i signed up for bellsouth fastaccess dsl yesterday and this morning i could no longer connect to directtv. uggg. a quick check of my order status revealed that i was scheduled to receive my new modem in about one week. ugg.

i started reading newsgroups (on dial-up of course) and realized that my alcatel speed touch home dsl modem from when i had pacbell dsl in CA would work with bellsouth. sure enough it works.

i hate that stupid PPPoE crap so i configured my linksys router to maintain a connection with bellsouth dsl.

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my feelings about torque – an update

January 9th, 2003 Tony No comments

my post in october about how great Torque is might be misleading. after finishing raleighlist which uses Torque for persistence i can still say its absolutely pukka but has its problems.

the biggest problem i encountered was a bug in which it fails to retrieve reliable connections from its database pool. it seems like it should be validating the connection but i found it to fail quite often. i just received an email from another user on the turbine mailing list that is experiencing the same issue on tomcat and oracle. my workaround was to hack the torque source code so that it uses resin’s connection pooling. problem solved.

then next problem i encountered was performance. when performing certain selects on tables with a large number of records, the performance degraded quickly. i’m sure there are tweaks i could implement and perhaps i just need to explore proper indexing techniques but instead i just wrote jdbc code in poor performing areas and it now performs extremely well even with 50k records.

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dawson’s creek getting old

December 12th, 2002 Tony 1 comment

i missed Dawson’s Creek for the second week in a row last night. i know its a stupid show but I’m into stupid shows. but it really is starting to lose my attention.

maybe they need to make some casting changes?

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Back in business

December 11th, 2002 Tony No comments

The ice really screwed things up around here. The morning after the storm it seemed like 99% of Raleigh was without power. I was fortunate to have a friend to stay with for the full four days that I was without electricity.

Also, I finally repaired this journal.

I’m off to buy some food for the fridge since everything in it is rotten now.

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biscuits are great, but

September 19th, 2002 Tony No comments

there must be somewhere in this county that i can get a bagel with sliced lox. i’m sure of it. i spoke with my friend heather on this topic and she swears that its impossible. “i’ve looked everywhere” she says. i won’t give up. i’ve tried every search i can think of in google for lox in raleigh with dismal results but i’m sure i just need to ask the right person. until then, i’ll happily eat my country ham biscuit.

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