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22nd Infantry – Stokes Boys

August 25th, 2002 Tony 1 comment

did i ever let you in on the seriousness of my southern roots? maybe i should just so that you don’t tease me ’bout the south too much.

- my english folks came over on a boat around 1700

- alex spent some time fight’n the nasty redcoats

- alex found that the PA soil wasn’t so kind to growing tobacco so he walked on down to NC

- alex’s grandson william henry spencer joined the confederate army with his cousin (22nd regiment * ’stokes boys’)

- william henry spencer fought all the way to gettysburg and was taken prisoner

- william henry later walked home and built a fine house in sandy ridge just a short walk from alex’s place

- all my life i hear about the importance of understanding “the war”

- my grandpa was named willy after his rebel great-grandfather

- age 19 i took a likin’ to it all

- been a civil war addict ever since

don’t mess with dixie

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how does it work?

August 9th, 2002 Tony No comments

yeah, i saw the movie cast away but i still can’t fully accept the notion of fed ex overnight. someone sent me an overnight from CA at 3:00 PM EST yesterday. at 8:58 AM EST i’m awakened to the sound of someone banging on my door. there was the fed ex man just about to leave b/c he is in a hurry, b/c he has 30 other packages he has to deliver with mind blowing speed.

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merita scam

August 7th, 2002 Tony 1 comment

i haven’t had the pleasure of merita’s sweet sixteen donuts for several years. i let out a hell yeah when i saw them in the grocery store this week (now if i can only find some chilly willys).

the top of the bag says “NOW MORE DONUTS!”. sounds great. but they’ve accomplished fitting more donuts into the original size bag simply by making the donuts smaller. no kidding. its been several years since i’ve had the pleasure but i’m no fool merita.

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August 7th, 2002 Tony No comments

well eric and i hung out with neel a couple of nights ago. old age is treating him good. the hyperman has lost about a whole 5% of his hyperelasticity.

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big ed’s binge

August 1st, 2002 Tony No comments

since i’ve been back in nc i have been to big ed’s city market restaurant countless times. i can’t get enough of it. my new favorite is scrambled eggs mixed up with sausage, grits and toast.

finally i saw big ed. there he was at the reserved table in all his glory. the hostess explained why he wasn’t wearing his trademark red and white checked shirt. he spilt something on it.

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