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Brilliant Piece of Direct Mail

July 24th, 2006 Tony 3 comments

This is the most clever piece of direct mail marketing I’ve ever seen! A few weeks ago my wife and I decided that there was no reason to keep paying for a home phone that we never used. I always call her cell phone and vice versa so we cancelled our service with the local phone provider BellSouth.

A week or so later I received a pink envelope in the mail that looked very much like an envelope for a Hallmark card. My wife was curious so she opened and was quite scared at first (keep in mind it was addressed to me). Check it out. It was a 4 way folded card:




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Tabke takes a stab at SEO Book

June 14th, 2006 Tony 1 comment

From the impossible-to-link-to-a-single-entry blog:

There are guys and gals reading this right now, that are top 50 seo’s. There are also people you read every day as “experts” who couldn’t pass an SEO101 class. I know one seo who has written a successful book about SEO, who I am almost positive has never done any SEO but her/his blog.

Brett, this only further perpetuates your ignorance. You’ve lost touch with reality in the SEO world. I assure you Aaron is doing quite well with SEO.

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More Macbook Pro Battery Recall Info

June 2nd, 2006 Tony 1 comment

A couple of nights ago I came home from work and broke out my Macbook Pro and ran on battery power. The battery was fully charged from being plugged in all day. Five minutes later the machine died with no warning. I pressed the power switch, the machine began to boot up but crashed again after just four seconds. I checked the physical battery indicator and it was telling me that I had zero charge.

I googled for any other people in the same boat and found that many people are experiencing this with the early revs of the machine and that Apple is silently recalling these batteries that stop holding charge. So I called Apple, explained the situation but didn’t mention that I had read about the silent recall. The support agent asked for my battery serial number and is now shipping me a replacement. My serial number doesn’t match the factory of the previous story so I guess its more widespread than previously thought.

Here is my MacBook Pro 15 inch battery serial number: 6N6085

macbook pro battery

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Jim Boykin Wants a Meeting – RandFish Wants 50k

May 11th, 2006 Tony 6 comments

I’ve been telling my friends like Jim, Todd, and Andy to charge more money! They all complain about the phone ringing off the hook. In the invisible hand world that means you have demand so charge more money and make that phone ring less for less work or at least hire more phone picker uppers.

I guess I’m finally getting through because Jim is now requiring a face to face meeting for new clients although I still think his prices are way too low for the level of service.

Although I’ve yet to meet Rand (Kat hook me up!) I think he gets it. Stop answering the phone, create a bad ass service, and charge $50k for it! I’m so sick of the Keyword Ranking types raking in the massive dollars from desperate clients and I want to see the guys that actually make a return on your investment make a few bucks.

Love it. Rand, I’m calling you this week. Its about poker. :)

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Tab Skips Select Form Fields in Mac Browsers

May 2nd, 2006 Tony 104 comments

This has been one of those super annoying things about switching to the Mac OS X. When filling in a form on a web page I like to use the tab key to advance to the next form field. This allows me to avoid picking up the mouse and making my carpal tunnel any worse than it currently is. Unfortunately when tabbing in a form, it always skips over select lists such as a drop down list of states therefore I have to pickup the mouse. Ugg. This is the case in both the Safari and Firefox (Deer Park) browser.

keyboard tab form fields

Here is the solution: Open up System Preferences, click ‘Keyboard and Mouse’, and select the option “All Controls” at the bottom of the window next to “In Windows and Dialogs press Tab to move the keyboard focus between”.

It even works for dialog boxes such as javascript popup confirmations.

Oh happy day! I’m starting to truly feel like this Mac really can do everything that I could do on my PC. Its just a matter of learning all the tricks.

Pssst– Hey Apple. Make this one default.

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