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Java vs. Ruby on Rails

June 9th, 2007 tony No comments

These series of videos are hilarious (in a uber nerdy kind of way) but may not be so funny if you haven’t invested a small amount of time to learn ruby and are still stuck in java quicksand trying to figure out which jar is breaking your app. :)

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Setup a Subversion Server in 4 Minutes

March 2nd, 2007 tony 30 comments

You are going to need to type fast but I think you can do it in 4 minutes. :) These are my notes on what worked for me on my Fedora core 6 with svn lib already installed by the package manager:

1. Create a Repository

svnadmin create /svnrepos

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Custom Scaffold for Rails

March 1st, 2007 tony 19 comments

Ruby on Rails Custom ScaffoldingIt has been said so many times that scaffold generator is only useful for learning how Rails works and maybe for rapid prototyping and I certainly agree. But scaffold is one of the big things that really excited me when I first discovered Rails.

Why is Scaffold Generated Code Useless?

Actually I think the stubbed out functions in the controller as well as most of the views are already a great time saver but its really the generated list and show code that is useless:


< % for cat in @cats %>

< % for column in Cat.content_columns %>

< %=h cat.send( %>

< % end %>

< % end %>

Iterating over columns means that I can do nothing but rip this out and explicitly write out each column so I can then change the look and feel to be consistent with my app. Also, what if I want to use div’s instead of tables? Rip it apart.

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January 25th, 2006 Tony 5 comments

Mike is offering up a free whois API written in PHP. Great tool for domain acquisition or link building!

Did you write that Mike? The code looks awfully tidy to be yours. :)

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Finally a Good PHP IDE : PhpED

September 14th, 2005 Tony 2 comments

Just this past weekend at the SEO Roadshow gathering in Edinburgh Scotland, Mike and I were discussing the lack of a good PHP IDE. To date I’ve only used the PHP plugin for Eclipse. If only there were a powerful editor that was written in native code for speed. I googled for Php IDE yesterday and discovered PhpED.


This php editor is beautifully designed and so intuitive that haven’t even glanced in the direction of the help menu. PhpED also includes a php function reference, a full function database client, a ssh client, and rapid deploy via SFTP. But certainly the best feature is its speed. It loads 5 times faster than Eclipse and there is never a delay in scrolling, opening windows, or loading php projects. We bought the license after just 30 minutes of using the trial version.

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