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Flickr falls short

August 15th, 2006 Tony 1 comment

Dang! It seems every photo solution is just not quite there yet. My major complaint with Flickr is that they just don’t add the last nice tidbit that would make slideshow a killer app. Currently slideshow doesn’t show title or description.

How about some SF shots? Just don’t do slideshow cause I spent way too much time on titles. :)

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I Heart Flickr

August 4th, 2006 Tony No comments

Ok, I’ve been in a slow moving relationship with Flickr for the past year or two. Flic wooed me with its super free-easy websites after much frustration with PHP Gallery. I placed a few photos… chilled for a while… placed a few more… and so on. In the past 6 months I’ve really been getting into it since I decided it was worth the small fee for the unlimited sets.

This takes the cake.


Read the comment on my metrocard bike photo. Thanks Andy Padre! Thanks Flickr! Made my day.

Andy Padre, I think you have a knack for viral marketing and don’t even realize it! Call me. :)

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Pimpin’ SES San Jose 2006

August 2nd, 2006 Tony 3 comments

Myself, Ekky, Jay and Mike are flying into San Francisco a few days before SES San Jose to mess around in the city. The boys from across the pond want to live like true gas guzzling Americans while they are here so I rented a big pimpin’ Navigator to drive down 101 to San Jose (Yes, I’ve already checked and the hotel valet is willing to park this beast).

Hoes start runnin when they see my car
Even though I’ma pro wrestling star
they know I, don’t play and I gotta get paid
Everything I wear baby’s tailor made

If we could only get some PimpStars loaded up on this puppy!

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An Event Apart – NYC: Day Two

July 20th, 2006 Jayme No comments

Day Two provided more of a learning experience for me – in my opinion. Eric Meyer started things off with some Hard-Core CSS tips and techniques. It was interesting to hear how he views CSS and design elements, basically every element within CSS is the same regardless of the tag (h1, div, table, p, etc.). I enjoyed learning how he thinks through a problem and the problem solving methods he uses to narrow down the culprit.

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An Event Apart – NYC: Day One

July 20th, 2006 Jayme 2 comments

borrowed from ALA Flickr groupThis is my first post on I work for Tony’s company, NotSleepy as a web designer. I love the new web standards movement which I became aware of about 2 years ago — thanks to my bud Kyle, who is now in NYC, which is a great segue into the topic at hand. Tony graciously sent me to An Event Apart in NYC, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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