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biscuits are great, but

September 19th, 2002 Tony No comments

there must be somewhere in this county that i can get a bagel with sliced lox. i’m sure of it. i spoke with my friend heather on this topic and she swears that its impossible. “i’ve looked everywhere” she says. i won’t give up. i’ve tried every search i can think of in google for lox in raleigh with dismal results but i’m sure i just need to ask the right person. until then, i’ll happily eat my country ham biscuit.

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you want steam ri’ or fry ri’?

September 16th, 2002 Tony No comments

i think its time to clean out my car.

when i got in it this afternoon it smelled decidedly like shrimp fried rice.

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now i’ve got the black cloud

September 3rd, 2002 Tony No comments

amy was here last week with a streak of lousy luck. now it looks as if she left her black cloud here to float over my head.

sunday night: i was swinging in the porch swing. i looked up just in time to see one of the hooks release from the beam and send me hurtling into the bushes.

monday night: i’m cruising along I-40 on a pleasant evening on my way to the airport. i ran over some metal crap that wrapped around my rear axle and shredded my tire to blowout. i guess its not all bad. i hadn’t checked on the spare tire since i owned the car but it was full of air and good to go.

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coffee in raleigh, nc

September 2nd, 2002 Tony No comments

I’m a coffee snob. I know it. I love the stuff and I’m pretty critical of the establishments I choose. I’ve been lucky enough to join the neighborhood at around the same time that Helios was opening. This place has a great easy going atmosphere, friendly staff and pretty good java. A milkier, less puffy on top cappuccino would make it excellent :)

Blah. Had to resort to Starbucks today since Helios closed early for Labor Day. I’ll be back tomorrow though.

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OBX. um… if you say so

August 28th, 2002 Tony 12 comments

lately i can’t help but notice the number of cars with those oval white stickers circling a clever abbreviation for some location. i’ve always wondered what drives people to buy these and they seem to be especially common in nc. raleigh in particular has a high percentage of drivers displaying the oval ‘OBX’. in case you are immune to this or unaware its an abbreviation for ‘Outer Banks’ (even though there is no X in outer banks).

why do people display this sticker? is it to show the next driver that you enjoy the outer banks? well, who doesn’t like the outer banks? how could anyone not enjoy the beauty of these island treasures? this week i saw a particularly large version of the sticker that nearly spanned the entire width of the rear window of a dodge intrepid. i wonder if his motivation was to tell the world that he liked the outer banks more than the next guy b/c he sports a bigger sticker.

this week i’m going to purchase an OBX sticker and carefully mark a red bar across it (similar to the negative nascar stickers ‘no #23′). of course i love OBX but i’m curious to see if i’ll be rammed by an outer banks loving soccer mom in a chevy tahoe.

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