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Wireless Repeater with a Linksys WET11

August 6th, 2003 Tony 21 comments

At my girlfriends apartment I can pickup a faint unencrypted 802.11b signal from a nearby neighbor. Here’s how I created a Wi-Fi repeater to “borrow” that high bandwidth connection.

I bought a Linksys WET11 wireless ethernet bridge.

I connected the Linksys WET11 to an extra Linksys AP I had.

Then I configured the devices like this:

Linksys WET11

ssid – linksys (same as neighbor’s AP)

channel – 6 (same as neighbor’s AP)

IP – static (changed from default

changed default password


ssid – notsleepy (different from neighbor’s AP)

turned off ssid broadcasting

channel – 11 (different from neighbor’s AP)

IP – obtain from AP1 DHCP

turned on encryption

disabled DHCP (obtains from neighbor’s AP)

changed default password

VOILA! Instant boosted signal! I’m mostly transparent except for the fact that I obtain an IP from his AP.

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