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ShoeMoney: How Dare You Question Bluetooth SPAM at Pubcon?!


Speaking of unmanned booths one SUPER annoying thing was this guy who kept Bluetooth spamming everyone telling them to come to his booth at Ad:Tech next week in San Fran. I was told by staffers that Brett Tabke was aware of this and it was going to be stopped. At 4:30 on Weds it was still going on.


I been to a couple of conferences that have bluetooth broadcasts these days. Why would a person accept a connection from an unknown source? Do some devices automatically accept incoming connections? How is that possible? Do these same people also accept unknown WiFi connections? Why would people have their devices set to accept unknown connections? Why would it be someone elses responsibility than their own?

Hehehe. Brett, don’t be so smug! Here is the way you deal with this kind of thing and end up having people like you for it:

“Dude I’m so sorry about that. That asshole has been banned from PubCon indefinitely. Your privacy is important to me and I will not put up with exhibitors spamming my paid attendees.”

Easy right?

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  1. May 2nd, 2006 at 13:33 | #1

    Good answer Tony – that would have pacified me much better than the response of “don’t accept connections from unknown sources”. The bluetooth spamming was a definite annoyance for anyone in range – which unfortunately we were for the entire expo. On a related note, thanks for the kick ass Carolina coffee – I have brewed a few pots already and all i can say is “whew!”

    Lastly, I just saw a post from Lee odden on Blogging conversations – thought you might be interested… ;-)


  2. Tony Spencer
    May 2nd, 2006 at 14:52 | #2

    Glad the coffee is kicking you guys into gear!

    Very good post you left me here from Odden. I totally agree.

    Now if someone could just tell me how to request a removal from Technorati…