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Jim Boykin Wants a Meeting – RandFish Wants 50k

May 11th, 2006 Tony 6 comments

I’ve been telling my friends like Jim, Todd, and Andy to charge more money! They all complain about the phone ringing off the hook. In the invisible hand world that means you have demand so charge more money and make that phone ring less for less work or at least hire more phone picker uppers.

I guess I’m finally getting through because Jim is now requiring a face to face meeting for new clients although I still think his prices are way too low for the level of service.

Although I’ve yet to meet Rand (Kat hook me up!) I think he gets it. Stop answering the phone, create a bad ass service, and charge $50k for it! I’m so sick of the Keyword Ranking types raking in the massive dollars from desperate clients and I want to see the guys that actually make a return on your investment make a few bucks.

Love it. Rand, I’m calling you this week. Its about poker. :)

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Off to Boston Pubcon

April 17th, 2006 Tony No comments

I’m off to Boston for the PubCon. As much as I look forward to seeing everyone again, its tough to leave this beautiful weather and spring fauna we’re enjoying here in NC.

Spring has sprung

Crossing my fingers that I don’t spend half my day in a cab trying to make my way to the Hilton through the marathon traffic.

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SEO for Forums

March 28th, 2006 Tony 1 comment

Martinibuster has a great post today on how to maximize your Adsense revenue on forums. I was going to post my additional tip on his blog entry but it looks like he has comments turned off so here goes.

In Martini’s entry he advises that you should edit your user’s forum post title’s to maximize the content theme of the page so that Adsense will retrieve targetted ads.

Rewrite member post titles so that they are COHERENT and MEAN SOMETHING. “Help,” and “I’ve got a Question” type titles are not going to help your forum rank well so why do forum operators not edit them to something meaningful?

This is absolutely true and furthermore it has a great impact on the future organic traffic you could receive from each post created. However, if you are running a successful forum with many posts created each day it would be extremely time consuming to manually edit all bad post titles. Also, loyal members get a bit pissy when you start altering other user’s posts.

Instead this method has worked extremely well for me. Create a sticky post which will be displayed at top of each forum with the title:

DON’T POST TITLES like “I have a question”

In the body of this sticky post:

Please don’t create posts with title’s “Can someone help me?” and “Help please”. Use the subject line appropriately.

Help us understand what your post is about in the subject line. You’ll have a better shot at actually getting the acvice you are looking for and it will help everyone else who is looking for the same information.

Thank you.

Also ask your moderators to refer any users to this sticky post if the user continues to write “Need help” and “Question” titles. I hardly ever see these anymore in my forum. Don’t work yourself to death. Get your userbase to do the work for you!

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Why does John Scott keep the ugly domain?

March 4th, 2006 Tony 3 comments

I’m just thinking out loud here but everytime I run into a mention of John Scott’s Internet Marketing blog ( I can’t help but think the URL looks really spammy. It always reminds me of one of my first sites:

Come on John. 301 that sucker to something with class!

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SEMLogic versus SEMiologic : Round 1

February 6th, 2006 Tony 2 comments

SEMLogic vs. SEMiologicI was just about to head out to catch a flight when I decided to procrastinate for 5 more minutes and catch up on Andre’s blog. Immediately I noticed a new Wordpress theme. Me likey. Then I discover a recent entry in which Andre explains the new theme and promotes a friend’s CMS plugin for Wordpress called SEMiologic.

Ok, so chicken or the egg. Who came first guys? SEMLogic or SEMiologic?

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