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Americans need SEO and Ayima is now taking orders

April 9th, 2009 tony 2 comments

I’m officially for hire. We’ll to clarify, not me as an individual but me and an incredible army of SEO’s on the other side of the pond. I’ve accepted a very generous offer to become a partner in Ayima.

For years now I’ve had this small message on the footer of my site to keep my phone from ringing too much. I simply didn’t have the infrastructure necessary to deal with big clients and as a result turned down big leads that came my way:

But that’s coming down and work has already begun on the first US clients that are hungry for serious results in the SERPs. Last month I spent a week with Mike Nott, Mike Jacobson, and Rob Kerry learning about the processes they’ve established, reviewing results for existing clients and getting demos of Ayima’s custom software (ohhhh the power they have there is mouth watering) it was a no brainer for me: this team has built an agency that is hands down, the best at delivering powerful results. And I’m not talking about a few rankings on lame, easy keywords. They have already hit it out of the park for large blue chip clients in the most difficult sectors such as:

  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Cell Phones

Ayima is hands down, the best, results driven SEO agency out there and I’m both flattered and thrilled to be bringing this excellence to the US market.

They have fun doing it too :)


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