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kill a linux process that won’t die

February 25th, 2004 Tony 3 comments

Trying to kill a process in linux and it just won’t die?

Try this:

          kill -s 9 [PID]


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February 18th, 2004 Tony No comments

its the sub-story to a piece about craigslist in raleigh but we’ll take any publicity we can get:

Craigslist “filled a void pretty early on in San Francisco,” said Thomas Beckett, who in 1998 co-founded InterNetWorkers, an e-mail discussion group for area workers in the tech industry. “In the Triangle, there was nothing central that did that. Various channels have served that purpose.”

Raleighlist ( is one of them. Tony Spencer started the site more than a year ago after moving back to Raleigh from San Francisco. While there, he visited Craigslist several times a week, and used it to sell a 1995 Saab 900.

When he returned to Raleigh, he asked Craigslist to begin a site for the area. It declined.

“It’s a bit of a surprise that it popped up,” said Spencer, 30. He tried to emulate Craigslist as much as possible, letting users post free classified and personals.

He’s not concerned by the arrival of the original, confident that features such as movie listings will keep users returning to his site.

“It’s not a problem for me,” he said. “Obviously, I prefer that Raleighlist survives and supersedes Craigslist here.”

The full story

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create a mysql user that can connect from anywhere to anything

February 3rd, 2004 Tony 1 comment

Obviously this is a huge security mistake to create this on a production server but if you just want to be able to get to all databases on a remote server in your intranet its a necessity:

On the server:

Login as root: mysql -u root -p

Create user: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO myuser@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ’some_password’ WITH GRANT OPTION;

Now you can login from another machine

mysql -h -u myuser -p

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