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my favorite pagoda quotes (the royal tenebaums)

January 30th, 2004 Tony No comments

“There he goes.”

“He got the cancer.”

“Black man asked her to marry him?”

Royal replies, “Well what did she say?”

Pagoda replies, “She think about it.”

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iTunes m4a files

January 12th, 2004 Tony 49 comments

One of my mac using friends sent me a Missy Elliot remix today. When I tried to play it I realized it was a .m4a file type which wasn’t associated with any application on my machine.


Rename the file to .mp4 and the file plays great on Quicktime.

Update: 02/25/2004

Boy do I feel stupid. The easiest solution is to download iTunes

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WET-11 – Need more range

January 7th, 2004 Tony No comments

My friendly neighbor got wise and turned on WEP so I started scanning for AP’s in range with WEP disabled. Surprisingly I can connect to about 8 additional wireless access points in my girlfriend’s apartment with the WET-11 but most are encrypted. A few are not but the signal just isn’t good enough for a solid connection.

So the guys at BAWUG suggested I try building a parabolic relector based on Michael Erskine’s WET-11 template.

Unfortunately I only found it to improve the signal slightly. I have since received more feedback from BAWUG folks who had similiar poor results from their reflectors and they have suggested a 14 dBi patch antenna with the RP-SMA plug for the WET-11. Thats quite a big jump from the standard 2 dBi rubber ducky omni-directional antenna. I’m anxious to see how many AP’s I’ll pick up with this addition.

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Tips on Installing Gallery

January 6th, 2004 Tony No comments

I just finished installing the Sourceforge project Gallery. Here are some tips to save you a headache:

After running the configuration wizard it recommends you to run ’’ to secure gallery. This script changes the permissions on:




I recommend not running this immediately as you will probably want/need to tweak the settings in setup/. If you did already run and need to get back into the configuration wizard:

chmod 777 config.php

chmod 777 .htaccess

chmod 777 setup/

I tried several steps to install ImageMagick and this was the winner for me: Installation Guide

If Gallery complains “I can’t find ImageMagick at the location you provided” then you probably made the assumption that it wants the home directory (ex. /usr/local/ImageMagick-5.5.7). After some trial and error I found out that it actually wants the utilities directory (ex. /usr/local/ImageMagick-5.5.7/utilities)

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Microsoft Scheduled Tasks are Flaky

January 3rd, 2004 Tony No comments

Has anyone else noticed that ‘Scheduled Tasks’ in Windows are not as reliable as a cron job? This is the third time I have found a scheduled task that seems to have come under some spell and just quits functioning. The behavior is this:

You check on a scheduled task and see its last status is “Unable to Start”.

You try to manually run it and nothing happens.

The fix seems to be to simply apply any changes. Somehow that kicks it in the arse and it magically works fine again. I usually just change the password on the task (to the original password).

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