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Hosted Solutions in Cary, NC Doesn’t Want New Business

January 27th, 2006 Tony Leave a comment Go to comments

Hosted Solutions is supposed to be the best facility in the Raleigh NC and Triangle metro area for dedicated hosting or colo according to everyone I’ve asked. I’ve been to the facility (when they were called Springboard Hosting) and indeed it looked quite nice. Well now that I’m really trying to get some cabinet space there I can’t get my foot in the door! I called once, left a message, no call back. Waited a week, submitted an email through their contact form. No response. Waited a month, called again, and left a message. Finally a salesman called me back and he sounded nice and even mentioned that he remembers my email (uhhhh, why didn’t you call me then) and tells me he would put together some packages and email them to me. That was two weeks ago.

If I have to chase down the sales team like this, whats it going to be like when I need customer support?

Still waiting for that price package Hosted Solutions…

Hosted Solutions has since been very generous with their time. The salesperson, head of sales, and even the CEO have been in touch with me and provided me with more than enough information. I was invited to the new north Raleigh facility and they gave me a tour along with some very flexible options for my hosting needs.

Thanks guys!

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