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Brilliant Piece of Direct Mail

July 24th, 2006 Tony 3 comments

This is the most clever piece of direct mail marketing I’ve ever seen! A few weeks ago my wife and I decided that there was no reason to keep paying for a home phone that we never used. I always call her cell phone and vice versa so we cancelled our service with the local phone provider BellSouth.

A week or so later I received a pink envelope in the mail that looked very much like an envelope for a Hallmark card. My wife was curious so she opened and was quite scared at first (keep in mind it was addressed to me). Check it out. It was a 4 way folded card:




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An Event Apart – NYC: Day Two

July 20th, 2006 Jayme No comments

Day Two provided more of a learning experience for me – in my opinion. Eric Meyer started things off with some Hard-Core CSS tips and techniques. It was interesting to hear how he views CSS and design elements, basically every element within CSS is the same regardless of the tag (h1, div, table, p, etc.). I enjoyed learning how he thinks through a problem and the problem solving methods he uses to narrow down the culprit.

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An Event Apart – NYC: Day One

July 20th, 2006 Jayme 2 comments

borrowed from ALA Flickr groupThis is my first post on I work for Tony’s company, NotSleepy as a web designer. I love the new web standards movement which I became aware of about 2 years ago — thanks to my bud Kyle, who is now in NYC, which is a great segue into the topic at hand. Tony graciously sent me to An Event Apart in NYC, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Anthony Alexander Fall Designer Jewelry Fashion Show

July 12th, 2006 tony 16 comments

This is a total link love post to my Dad. Before or around the time I was born my father started his jewelry and belts manufacturing business. Its a great entrepreneurship story: he was a history teacher in Greensboro, NC and wasn’t too crazy about his career choice. One day he decided to get his students involved in other cultures and came up with a hands on teaching device. He got together beads and leather strands so the students could build their own ethnic necklaces (sorry I can’t remember what culture they were from). Well the students ate it up but the real spark came when the other teachers started begging Anthony to sell them the necklaces. He quit the teaching job, started designing more jewelry, and hit the street. 30 some years later Anthony Alexander dominates its niche consumer industry.

So he just put together a mini fashion show video and is seeing great success distributing it so I popped the sucker on Google video and YouTube for him. Check it out. It even features Trish from ‘The Bachelor’! (The one that got kicked out and stormed in on the bachelor and his date while they had dinner).

All those years of soldering metal parts, running a leather press, and glueing parts as a kid paid off. My dad is the primary reason I quit my 6 figure salary to start my own business. The best part is having a go-to guy for basic business advice. Thanks daddy!

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