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An Event Apart – NYC: Day One

borrowed from ALA Flickr groupThis is my first post on TonySpencer.com. I work for Tony’s company, NotSleepy as a web designer. I love the new web standards movement which I became aware of about 2 years ago — thanks to my bud Kyle, who is now in NYC, which is a great segue into the topic at hand. Tony graciously sent me to An Event Apart in NYC, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Design and CSS specialists Eric Meyer, Jeffrey Zeldman and Jason Santa Maria are the founders of AnEventApart. Luckily I was one of about one hundred attendees. Meyer, Zeldman and highly acclaimed designer Jason Santa Maria spent most of day one showing the process of redesigning their web magazine AListApart.com.

Jason Santa Maria presented his methods of developing their logo with an “intellectual” look and feel. He showed us examples that stemmed from a mere sketch book drawing to the final product. He also shared the developmental stages of the new A List Apart website, from beginning to end. He shared why it was important to keep websites fresh with small changes and updated content and how that can help maintain a constant flow of traffic.

Zeldman presented constructive ways of how to deal with bad clients and bad projects. He commented on how communication and becoming interactive with clients and making light of a situation helps them to relax and how it gives them a sense of control.

Eric Meyer displayed his techniques of CSS and HTML coding and how he takes a several photoshop designs (thanks to Jason Santa Maria) and creates a functioning website. He discussed some of the problem areas within the design and how we overcame those obstacles.

Another special guest, Khoi Vinh, took us through his busy schedule as the web design group manager at The New York Times Online. He shared the ways that he managed his work and leisure and how to be successful being a good manager of time. We also learned how he enjoys taking his dog “Mister President” for a walk every day! Vinh also manages his popular website, Subraction.com.

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  1. wheel
    July 25th, 2006 at 14:34 | #1

    Hey Jayme!

    Welcome aboard! I trust you’ll enjoy working with Tony. He’s a quality fellow.

    Hope to meet you soon at an industry conference :) .


  2. July 25th, 2006 at 15:01 | #2

    Howdy Glenn,

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes I do enjoy working with/for Tony and I’d have to agree with you! I’ve learned a lot in the past few months.

    You never know who’ll you run into these days ;-) Take it easy.