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Jim Boykin Wants a Meeting – RandFish Wants 50k

May 11th, 2006 Tony 6 comments

I’ve been telling my friends like Jim, Todd, and Andy to charge more money! They all complain about the phone ringing off the hook. In the invisible hand world that means you have demand so charge more money and make that phone ring less for less work or at least hire more phone picker uppers.

I guess I’m finally getting through because Jim is now requiring a face to face meeting for new clients although I still think his prices are way too low for the level of service.

Although I’ve yet to meet Rand (Kat hook me up!) I think he gets it. Stop answering the phone, create a bad ass service, and charge $50k for it! I’m so sick of the Keyword Ranking types raking in the massive dollars from desperate clients and I want to see the guys that actually make a return on your investment make a few bucks.

Love it. Rand, I’m calling you this week. Its about poker. :)

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Empty Wordpress categories don’t show up in the sidebar navigation

May 5th, 2006 tony 6 comments

I’ve been playing with Wordpress this week for a new feature for my Raleigh, NC and ran into this issue. If a category doesn’t have any posts in it, it will not show up in the sidebar navigation. Even worse, if it is a parent category Wordpress will not show the children categories even if they aren’t empty. I dug into the source code and found that the function responsible for retrieving the category list is wp_list_cats() and by default most themes pass no parameters to it. However, it is capable of accepting a large range of settings including one to fix our problem.

In your sidebar.php file replace this:

<?php wp_list_cats(); ?>

with this:

	$settings = "hide_empty=0";

Now all of your categories will show up even if they don’t have any posts in them. Unfortunately clicking on those empty categories results in “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”. You can change this by adding a category.php and writing your own content for the scenario where the category is empty.

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Tab Skips Select Form Fields in Mac Browsers

May 2nd, 2006 Tony 104 comments

This has been one of those super annoying things about switching to the Mac OS X. When filling in a form on a web page I like to use the tab key to advance to the next form field. This allows me to avoid picking up the mouse and making my carpal tunnel any worse than it currently is. Unfortunately when tabbing in a form, it always skips over select lists such as a drop down list of states therefore I have to pickup the mouse. Ugg. This is the case in both the Safari and Firefox (Deer Park) browser.

keyboard tab form fields

Here is the solution: Open up System Preferences, click ‘Keyboard and Mouse’, and select the option “All Controls” at the bottom of the window next to “In Windows and Dialogs press Tab to move the keyboard focus between”.

It even works for dialog boxes such as javascript popup confirmations.

Oh happy day! I’m starting to truly feel like this Mac really can do everything that I could do on my PC. Its just a matter of learning all the tricks.

Pssst– Hey Apple. Make this one default.

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