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WET-11 – Need more range

January 7th, 2004 Tony Leave a comment Go to comments

My friendly neighbor got wise and turned on WEP so I started scanning for AP’s in range with WEP disabled. Surprisingly I can connect to about 8 additional wireless access points in my girlfriend’s apartment with the WET-11 but most are encrypted. A few are not but the signal just isn’t good enough for a solid connection.

So the guys at BAWUG suggested I try building a parabolic relector based on Michael Erskine’s WET-11 template.

Unfortunately I only found it to improve the signal slightly. I have since received more feedback from BAWUG folks who had similiar poor results from their reflectors and they have suggested a 14 dBi patch antenna with the RP-SMA plug for the WET-11. Thats quite a big jump from the standard 2 dBi rubber ducky omni-directional antenna. I’m anxious to see how many AP’s I’ll pick up with this addition.

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