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More Macbook Pro Battery Recall Info

A couple of nights ago I came home from work and broke out my Macbook Pro and ran on battery power. The battery was fully charged from being plugged in all day. Five minutes later the machine died with no warning. I pressed the power switch, the machine began to boot up but crashed again after just four seconds. I checked the physical battery indicator and it was telling me that I had zero charge.

I googled for any other people in the same boat and found that many people are experiencing this with the early revs of the machine and that Apple is silently recalling these batteries that stop holding charge. So I called Apple, explained the situation but didn’t mention that I had read about the silent recall. The support agent asked for my battery serial number and is now shipping me a replacement. My serial number doesn’t match the factory of the previous story so I guess its more widespread than previously thought.

Here is my MacBook Pro 15 inch battery serial number: 6N6085

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  1. Leon Dekelbaum
    April 3rd, 2007 at 14:27 | #1

    I’m on my second battery fail in one year.