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22nd Infantry – Stokes Boys

August 25th, 2002 Tony Leave a comment Go to comments

did i ever let you in on the seriousness of my southern roots? maybe i should just so that you don’t tease me ’bout the south too much.

- my english folks came over on a boat around 1700

- alex spent some time fight’n the nasty redcoats

- alex found that the PA soil wasn’t so kind to growing tobacco so he walked on down to NC

- alex’s grandson william henry spencer joined the confederate army with his cousin (22nd regiment * ’stokes boys’)

- william henry spencer fought all the way to gettysburg and was taken prisoner

- william henry later walked home and built a fine house in sandy ridge just a short walk from alex’s place

- all my life i hear about the importance of understanding “the war”

- my grandpa was named willy after his rebel great-grandfather

- age 19 i took a likin’ to it all

- been a civil war addict ever since

don’t mess with dixie

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  1. Gary Anderson
    May 25th, 2005 at 19:28 | #1

    I have a civil war record of a William Henry Spencer of Stokes, North Carolina who was a Captain inCo. I,66th North Carolina Infantry, Spencer’s Rangers. He was captured Feb. 24th,1864 at Fairfield, North Carolina and was imprisioned at Point Lookout, Maryland.

    Is this your relative?