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Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter Reviews

November 2nd, 2004 Tony Leave a comment Go to comments

I bought my first Bluetooth USB adapter from Best Buy last night so that I could sync up Outlook with my new Audiovox SMT5600.

I got the Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter only because it was all they had in the store.

This device stinks. The driver is not signed which means XP doesn’t play nice with it. Also the software is extremely slow and seems to be consuming a lot of CPU. The worst part though is that the signal strength is horrible when the phone is sitting on my desk at just 6 feet away.

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  1. Bob
    August 11th, 2009 at 20:10 | #1

    This is how I got it to work (thanks to the hints provided for Vista by UserNotFound).

    Kensington 33348 – Win XP SP2

    Plug in the device, cancel any driver installation.

    Go to device manager, and click on properties for the “Unknown device > Bluetooth EDR dongle”. Click the details tab, and choose Device Instance ID for the option. The entry on mine contained VID_047D&PID_105E – write it down.

    Open C:\windows\inf\bth.inf with notepad
    (make a backup of this file first)
    scroll down to below ;— Device section – Start —
    find “Blutonium BCM2035″, it should be the 6th entry.

    Replace the PID_xxxx with PID_105E, or whatever your hardware ID specified.


    Blutonium BCM2035 Bluetooth 2.4 GHz Single Chip Transceiver= BthUsb, USB\VID_0A5C&PID_200A
    |=== this ======|
    Blutonium BCM2035 Bluetooth 2.4 GHz Single Chip Transceiver= BthUsb, USB\VID_047D&PID_105E
    |=== this ======|
    Save the file.

    In device manager, right click the EDR dongle device, and choose update driver.

    Choose the option to search for the driver yourself and dsiplay a list of all known drivers. Choose bluetooth radios, then Broadcaom and Blutonium BCM2035 for the device. It should install 3 or 4 devices, and you’re set to go.

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