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Problems Installing Drupal

I was setting up Drupal 4.6.5 on a new employee’s machine today which also required a fresh install of Apache, PHP and mySql. Unfortunately Drupal has done a lousy job of testing their new releases on the latest stable versions of the apps it depends on. Here are the two issues I ran into and their solutions:

1. Attempting to import the database script (database/database.mysql) results in an error:

REPLACE blocks SET module = ‘user’, delta = ‘0′, status = ‘1′

Line no.:803
Error Code: 1364 – Field ‘pages’ doesn’t have a default value


Come on guys. Test before you release! The issue is something to do with mySql 5.0 so you need to instruct mysql to behave as 4.0. Go to your mysql.ini file and edit this line:

SET GLOBAL sql_mode=’MYSQL40′

2. You finish installing Drupal and load up localhost in the browser and are disappointed to see junk like this in your page:

{head} {styles} {_BLOCK_.header.logo} {_BLOCK_.header.site_name} {secondary_links}

The old XTemplate themes are not compatible with the latest version of PHP5. BLEH!

Solution: Install phptemplate engine and choose a phptemplate theme to get rid of the junk.

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