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NCSU Engineering : Ah the Good Old Days

I did some digging around in Archive.org to see if I could find some of my first websites while a computer engineering student at NCSU. I was able to find the URL to my first website (http://www4.ncsu.edu/eos/users/a/adspence/www/tony.html) but sadly its no longer in Archive.org.

I did find an archive of my robotics project named LOLA! LOLA was able to navigate a room or hallway and avoid objects and stairwells by processing information received from sonar and tactile sensors. The software was custom written in C by myself and a couple other software engineers and was driven by a small PC running Linux.

And I was thrilled to find a copy of my senior design project codenamed Project Greenlink which was my first database driven website. The task was for the NCSU arboretum and the task was to merge a plants database (Filemaker Pro) with a maps database of the coordinates of the plants. Then I had to tie it all together with a cgi search function for the web.

What was your first site?

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