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CD is protected against unauthorized duplication

October 28th, 2004 Tony 2 comments

i bought a couple of cd’s online this week and just got them. i threw my new Citizen Cope in the computer CD player and fired up Winamp. the garbled mess that came out of my speakers was horrible. then i tried the Franz Ferdinand CD and experienced the same poor sound. so i tried ripping the Citizen Cope CD to mp3 on a different computer and i got the same crap!

then i see a sticker on the front that says “This CD is protected against unauthorized duplication. It is designed to play on standard playback devices and an appropriately configured computer.”. so i can’t even play a CD i payed for on my computer at work! i am required to install their crappy software that does who knows what to my machine just to make it play. i wonder how slow my computer will be after installing a separate application for every CD i want to listen to.

thank god my new saab doesn’t have a built-in mp3 ripper. the CD played fine in my indash CD player

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