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Using the Treo 650 for Internet Connection via Bluetooth DUN

August 15th, 2005 Tony 40 comments

After many hours of struggling with various issues I’m finally able to get an internet connection on my laptop by connecting to the Treo 650 through bluetooth dial-up networking (AKA – BT DUN).

laptop connected to cingular via bluetooth

The first issue that you’ll encounter is that Cingular (along with Sprint) has manually disabled BT DUN on the Treo 650. However, they very recently release a firmware upgrade that does unlock the feature. WARNING : This firmware upgrade is for Cingular only and it will destroy any data or apps you have on the phone so be sure to backup first. Once I installed the new firmware, sure enough the dial-up networking feature appeared:

bluetooth dial-up networking enabled after firmware upgrade

The next issue I encountered was with my USB bluetooth adapter. D-Link’s installer is not quick enough and its impossible to avoid the Windows XP driver from taking over the device and the XP driver is uncapable of properly managing DUN. So you need to delete the Windows hardware and manually select the D-Link driver.

Once you have the bluetooth device sorted out you must pair the phone with the laptop. If all is successful you should then be able to right-click on your bluetooth icon in the system tray, choose ‘Quick Connect’, then ‘Dial-up Networking’, and finally your device.

The hardest part of all was finding the correct settings for Cingular as there are many people out there reporting many different settings that didn’t work for me. I finally landed on the following beautiful settings through trial and error and it works flawlessly for me:

Password: CINGULAR1
Phone Number: *99***1#

Some folks have also mentioned that you must set an initialization command string but mine seems to work without it.

When connected I’m getting about 100kbps downstream and 30kbps upstream via the Cingular EDGE GPRS. Not too bad! Just make sure you have paid for the unlimited data plan or else you’ll be getting a hefty bill next month.

connected to internet via BT


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Windows Mobile on the Rumored Treo 670

August 10th, 2005 Tony No comments

There were rumors last week that Palm had created a new model known as the Treo 670 that actually runs Windows Mobile. Many were skeptical as there were only images for proof that could have been doctored.

treo 670

Well, now it looks like it might actually be for real as engadget now has videos of the phone running the Windows OS.

I want they! I want they!

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Bluetooth Keyboard for a Smartphone

May 15th, 2005 Tony 3 comments

I recently bought the Think Outside Stowaway bluetooth keyboard for my Audiovox SMT 5600 smartphone. This tiny yet full-size keyboard is a fantastic option for when you want to leave the heavy laptop at the office or when internet access is not available.

Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows Mobile

Setup wasn’t easy but eventually worked. Basically the driver that comes on the CD doesn’t work on the SMT 5600 but I later found a handy driver locator on the Think Outside website. Once I had the correct driver the keyboard setup was a breeze. The keyboard automatically recoginizes the phone every time I unfold it. Typing is a breeze on the large keys. I even discovered that you can emulate pressing the left and right phone soft keys by pressing Left-Function + Left Space and Right-Function + Right Space respectively.

I love this product. Beautiful design. Perfect function.

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Sync Windows Mobile Smartphone via Bluetooth with New ActiveSync

May 13th, 2005 Tony 35 comments

Microsoft has released ActiveSync 4.0 and they fixed the problems associated with trying to sync a smartphone running Windows Mobile via bluetooth.

active sync

To sync via bluetooth:

1. Download the new version of ActiveSync (There is no need to first uninstall your old version. It recognizes the old version and upgrades it.)

2. Setup the bluetooth connection with ActiveSync (taken from new Active Sync help docs)

3. Make sure ActiveSync is running on your PC and from your phone select “Connect via Bluetooth”.


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Opera Browser for Windows Mobile Review

May 5th, 2005 Tony No comments

I’ve been playing with the beta version of the new Opera browser for Windows Mobile on my smartphone. While some features are nice, I was disappointed to find that it didn’t allieve some of the headaches that Internet Explorer is plagued with on Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile

The Opera browser is fast. In fact it makes IE look ridiculous. Of course you are limited by the slow speed of data transfer but the page renders way faster. Also, once it is rendered you can scroll from top to bottom of a long page about 10 times faster than with IE. I also like the way Opera highlights links as you scroll. Its much more obvious than IE and I feel that I have greater control in selecting links to follow.

Unfortunately Opera did not add a “remember my password” feature for previously visited sites. In fact, they don’t even offer the option to remember the password on sites that are simply protected by .htpasswd which IE does. Also, I found that Bookmarks simply didn’t work. I saved several bookmarks but the next time I opened Opera they were gone. The back button didn’t seem to work consistently and there is no way to edit the URL of the page you are currently on. For instance, if you are currently on and want to go to it would be nice to be able to simply click ‘Go’ -> ‘URL’ and have your current URL prefilled for quick editing as IE does.

Unfortunately my advice is, don’t waste your time installing Opera.

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