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Is Raleigh Dumping our Recycling in the Landfill?

October 25th, 2007 tony 2 comments

Man I hope not but I happened to be looking out the window this morning to see all my recyclables being tossed into the back of a normal garbage truck rather than the usual sort-it-on-the-street truck. Maybe there is a good explanation.

I shot this video before the truck rolled out of site:

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This Plant Will Kill Your Dog (and maybe your kids)

October 3rd, 2007 tony 176 comments

We were letting our dog play outside all day Sunday and upon checking on him found that he had yanked a small houseplant off of the deck and was chewing on the root of it. He chews on all kinds of plants in the yard and I thought of tossing it over the fence but figured he would just try to dig under to get it so unfortunately I let him keep it.

A couple hours later we let him in the house and he’s foaming yellow froth, drooling, and shaking. 20 minutes later we are in the emergency vet and are told the prognosis is not good and he’ll likely die.

The plant is called a Sago Palm and its highly poisonous to both pets and humans. A chemical in the plant called cycasin is toxic and often causes permanent liver damage as well as neurological damage if enough of the poison is absorbed by the body. The seeds are the most poisonous part of the plant and the effects on humans are seizures, coma and death.

Of course you and I wouldn’t just yank off a chunk of this plant and gnaw on it but the seeds are colorful so if you have kids and Sago palm in your yard educate them on the danger or get rid of the plant.

Fortunately our dog was one of the lucky ones. I later discovered that our dog vomited the plant in the yard soon after swallowing it, and after 2 days in the vet on IV, and having a ball of charcoal inserted in his stomach, a test revealed that his liver was recovering and he came home. Sadly few people are aware of how dangerous this plant, many have lost their dogs, and even many veterinarians are unaware. This plant doesn’t carry a warning label and is becoming popular in Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot so spread the word.

Best advice I’ve read: Don’t let your animal chew on any plants.

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The Mosquito Nix Calvary Arrives

June 5th, 2007 tony 7 comments

I’ve been waiting for this day for a looooooong time. Enjoy the dirt nap mosquitos. :)


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Las Brisas es relajaciĆ³n para SEO’s

May 17th, 2007 tony 3 comments

las brisas acapulcolo siento for rubbing it in

chilling at las brisas
negra modela in hand
what?…. is that an omni directional antennae i see on the next roof? one call to the front desk and i’m on tubos de mexicana to the internets while surveying paradise.

how come i’m allowed to get on the internets during vacaciones? the answer is asleep in the background. :)

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Scary Coincidence with SPAM

January 24th, 2007 tony 1 comment

I was just working on this new blog entry about SEO and RoR and I got another one of these annoying image based SPAM emails. Just before I hit shift-command-j I noticed that the subject of the email was EXACTLY what I was just writing about in a wordpress draft:

“If you’re looking for search engine friendly software, look no further!”

I really don’t think email spam is so smart that there is a Mac trojan on my machine that monitered my keystrokes for my wordpress draft but it did make me go, HUH?

This is what these annoying SPAM images looks like. Is anyone else getting pounded with these? and Thunderbird’s junk filter is horrible at catching these. Guess I need to configure the server side stuff:

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